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Limited Company NPK Diagnostika is the modern innovative enterprise in the field of working out and manufacturing high-precision angle measurement devices and systems.

Production of High-Precision Angle Measurement Systems is a main direction of companys activities. Base line of companys products includes modern digital goniometers, digital autocollimators, high-accuracy automatic goniometers, rotary tables, zero-indicators of object angular position in dynamic mode, devices for optical encoder calibration and for contactless determination of an object movement.

Works on inertial navigation sensors, systems and devices for its calibration are another perspective way of companys research.

Employees of the NPK Diagnostika Ltd. company have wide scientific and manufacturing experiences based on productive cooperation with «Rostest - Moscow» metrological center, Mendeleevs Metrological Institute, JSC «LOMO» for many years. The results of this cooperation are producing of National Angle Standard and Standard of refraction index. Some of companys projects are supported by State Government and protected by patents.

Products of NPK Diagnostika Ltd. company such as goniometers and autocollimators are used by Russian leading scientific and industrial companies such as Federal Institution Rostest - Moscow, Federal Institution Center for Testing and Certification - St.Petersburg, CSRI Electropribor, Vavilovs State Optical Institute, JSC Avangard and many other state companies and regional metrological centers.

For more information please read products brochure (*.pdf).

Our abroad users and partners are metrological centers and laboratories in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, China and S.Korea.

With best regargs,
Dr. Nikita Goncharov

automatic goniometer
digital goniometer